New product packaging for Baileys Fertilisers

Success Story: Baileys Fertiliser

Baileys produces an innovative range of fertilisers, waterwise products and gardening resources for both residential and commercial gardeners.

Having designed some of their previous packaging, Baileys approached Dash to develop another package design for their new 4kg “handy pack” gardening fertiliser range that would be smaller and more manageable for shoppers on the go.

Product package design

Baileys was after a modern and eco-friendly look that would appeal to a mixed demographic of gardeners.

Our interpretation of this resulted in a bold color palette, watercolour washes and rustic illustrations, including a subtle inclusion of the butterfly image that is so prominent in the Baileys Fertiliser logo. We achieved a modern look by playing with lower and upper case styles and a mixed use of script, serif and sans serif fonts.

Dash also designed a new looks for the sticker adhesions and info brochures that came with the product.

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