Revitalising DENMAC’s online presence

Success Story: DENMAC

DENMAC offers clients many different innovative architectural solutions, but their overall online presence didn’t properly convey their authority in the field or their craftsmanship.

They engaged with us to do a complete overhaul of their website, after which we set about to improve their social media presence and drive traffic to the new site.

As a result of the website redesign and social media management, DENMAC has seen more than a 150% increase in website page views and more than 60% follower growth on social media channels. They’ve also gone from receiving about a dozen enquiries per month to hundreds.

Website revitalisation

Built on WordPress, the new website is visually-driven and showcases the great design, fabrication and construction projects DENMAC has led in over 30 years of business. As well as general improvements to site architecture and user experience, the new site’s look is modern, creative and high-impact.

Social media management & advertising

Dash set up DENMAC’s new social media channels, conducted a social media workshop and continues to manage social media content and advertising on an ongoing basis. We work closely with their internal team to source images and project briefs that we then transform into social media content.

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