Get your mobile app idea to market

Mobile apps

We live in an increasingly mobile dominated world, and the trend isn’t stopping any time soon. Let Dash help make your mobile app idea a reality. From utility apps, business apps and more – if you can dream it, we can build it.

Dash manages the entire process from analysis and design, development and testing and ensuring the app passes the review process in Apple Store and Google Play.

Mobile app development

We specialise in building mobile apps with technologies like React Native, a framework built by Facebook and used by thousands of the world’s top companies. The innovative technology allows us to build the applications once and deploy them to multiple devices such as iOS and Android, reducing your overall development costs.

React Native works for 90% of the applications we build, but we also have experts in Java for Android and Swift and Objective C for iOS if you’re looking for advanced device features.

Companion app development

Complement your main business offering by adding a companion app. If you’ve already got an amazing web application, we can leverage your existing infrastructure to build a mobile app that can run alongside it. Leverage the power of notifications and device features to engage more with your users.

Let’s make something great.